Donate Household Items to Charity

Household item donations are truly appreciated by the charities that are registered with Learn below how to donate household items.

Donate household itemsWondering how to donate household items?

Do you have clothing and household items to donate to charity and you don’t know where to begin? is the right place to get started! will connect you to a charity in your community that will gladly accept your donations. Within minutes, you can also set up a fast, free pickup of your household donations.

Donating household items gives a second life to the things you no longer need

Many of us have clothing and household items piling up in the closets and the corners of our homes — things that we just don’t use anymore. Maybe it’s an appliance that you no longer find yourself using (that bread machine sure seemed like a good idea at the time!). Perhaps you’ve bought new dishes and don’t have room for the old set. Maybe you’ve decided that you just don’t need the piles and piles of blankets that you’ve accumulated over the years. Donating your household items to charity can give a new life to your all of your useful goods by putting them in the hands of people who need them today. The bread machine can enable parents to prepare good, wholesome meals for their kids. The dishes can be used by a person in transition to serve up a warm, home-cooked dinner. And a warm blanket is a welcome comfort on cold nights for our neighbors who are less fortunate. Right now, someone in your community is struggling to make ends meet — and your donation of clothing and household items can help make a major difference.

What kinds of household items can I donate?

Donate clothing and shoes. Donate appliances. Donate kitchenware. Donate dishes, plates, cups, bowls and cookware. Donate pots and pans. Donate utensils. Donate household furniture. Donate blankets. Donate exercise and sports equipment. Donate a table and chairs. Donate electronics, like TVs, cameras, VCRs and DVDs. Donate computers and computer equipment. Donate tools. Donate books. Donate toys. Donating household items that you no longer need is a wonderful way to be of help to someone who does need them.

What charities accept my clothing and household donations will help you find a charity in your community that will take your clothing and household donations off your hands. You can also schedule a fast, free pickup of your donated household items. Your household items can go to charities like the Salvation Army, Rescue Mission, Salvation Army, Good Samaritan Ministries, Habitat for Humanity, Hope Services, and many more! is the place to find the charity near you waiting for your donations.