Helping Hands of Bentonville, Arkansas – Thrift Store and Charity Information

Make clothing donations, household items donations, and furniture donations to Helping Hands of Bentonville, AR by scheduling a free Arkansas donation pickup online. Donation Town provides all the information you need to schedule a donation pickup with the click of a button. Simply enter your zip code on the donation pick up scheduling webpage.

Introducing the Bentonville, AR Helping Hands Thrift Store

Helping Hands of Bentonville donation pickup.Since 1976, Helping Hands Inc., a non-profit organization in Bentonville, AR, has been assisting people all over Benton County, Arkansas. In association with twenty-six churches in the area, Helping Hands Inc. runs a thrift store in Bentonville that is comparable to a high-end department store. Much of the proceeds from the thrift store are used for assistance programs in the Benton County community. The Helping Hands store carries brand name clothing, furniture, jewelry and other household items that the people in Benton County have donated. You can schedule a Helping Hands of Bentonville donation pickup, including clothing donations or household item donations. Additionally, Helping Hands Inc. runs a food pantry, which provides food to nearly 1000 families every month in Benton County. Helping Hands relies heavily on volunteer support and Bentonville, AR clothing donations. Helping Hands has over 145 volunteers that donate their time and energy to their cause.

Helping Hands of Bentonville, Arkansas – Charitable Services

With the help of the profits from the Helping Hands thrift store, Helping Hands of Bentonville can offer a wide range of charitable services. These services include:

  • Help with utility bills
  • Assistance with doctor’s office visits and some prescriptions
  • Clothing, especially for job interviews
  • Formula and diapers for babies
  • A large food pantry

In times when people are affected by natural disasters, Helping Hands of Bentonville, Arkansas will help those affected get their lives back to normalcy through clothing donations, food donations and household item donations. In difficult times, Helping Hands of Bentonville is there for members of the Benton County community, thanks to all the charitable donations and volunteers.

Helping Hands of Bentonville – Acceptable Donations

Schedule a Helping Hands of Bentonville clothes donation pickup now. Helping Hands accepts a variety of donations including clothing donations, household items donations, and furniture donations. In addition to clothing donations and other household items donations, Helping Hands also accepts food donations for their food bank. Items like canned soup, cereal, and other non-perishable food items are perfect for charitable donations to the Bentonville, AR Helping Hands charity. Donations should be tax-deductible (consult your CPA though!) and you should receive a tax deduction receipt when your donations are picked up.


Helping Hands of Bentonville Accepts the Following Types of Donations

  • Donate Clothes in Arkansas
  • Furniture Donations
  • Donate Sports Equipment
  • Donate Books
  • Donate Art
  • Donate Glassware
  • and More …


You can also donate your time by helping out at the thrift store or by hosting a food drive in your neighborhood or at your church. Food drives hosted by volunteers in the community help make the Helping Hands of Bentonville food bank one of the largest in the northwest, by supporting hundreds of families in Benton County every month. Donating food is a key part of helping others in the Benton County community. Nobody deserves to go to bed hungry, especially children.

Helping Hands of Bentonville – Clothes Donation Pick Up Area

Helping Hands services parts of Bentonville, Bella Vista and Rogers, and Benton County. With Donation Town as your donation pickup resource, learning how to schedule a free Helping Hands donation pick-up for the time and place of your convenience is easier than ever.

Schedule a Helping Hands Clothing Donation, Furniture Donation or Household Item Donation Pick Up

Scheduling a donation pickup in Bentonville, Bella Vista, or Rogers has never been easier. You can schedule a free Arkansas donation pickup for the time and place that is most convenient, whether that is at your home or place of business. The charity is reponsible for giving you a tax deduction receipt upon pick-up for your Benton County, AR donations.