The Arc Donation Pick up Scheduling

Schedule a  donation pickup online for the Arc through clothing donations, donate small furniture, and even donate shoes to The Arc. Donation Town will help you schedule a free Arc donation pick-up. Our charity donation pick up directory has contact information for Arc donation pick up services all over the country. We’re busily writing articles about all of the various Arc chapters across the country, but rest assured that  Donation Town has A LOT of the chapters contact information in our directory. Making Arc donations now is easier than ever!

Introducing The Arc Thrift Stores

The Arc is the world’s largest organization devoted to helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Arc works towards improving the support services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. The Arc works with our government to ensure that people with developmental and intellectual disabilities and their families have access to programs and services dedicated to the developmentally challenged in our communities. By scheduling your free Arc donation pickup today, you can help The Arc support their charitable services. Your Arc donations can make a BIG difference. The Arc thrift stores accept various household item donations and clothing donations.

The Arc  – Charitable Services

With the profits from The Arc thrift stores across the country, The Arc provides several charitable services. Some of the services are:

  • Promoting and protecting the rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Actively supporting full inclusion of developmentally challenged individuals in society
  • Ensuring equal rights and treatment of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Advocates for the intellectually and developmentally disabled

The Arc stands up for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities, ensuring that all are treated with equal human rights. Your charitable Arc donations will help The Arc continue their advocacy for the individuals in our communities that have intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as their families.

The Arc Donations – Acceptable and Unacceptable

The Arc accepts a variety of donations including clothing donations, household items donations, and even jewelry donations. Because each chapter accepts different donation items, please contact the charity in your area for more information on items they do not accept. All donations should be tax-deductible and the charity is responsible for leaving you a tax deduction receipt when your donations are picked up.  Find out how to make your Arc clothing donation pickup today!


The Arc Accepts the Following Types of Donations

  • Donate Clothes
  • Donate Household Goods
  • Accessory Donations
  • Donate Linens
  • Donate Décor Items
  • Donate Kitchenware
  • and More …


The Arc – Clothes Donation Pick Up Area

The Arc is a nationwide organization with local chapters any many towns across the United States. The profits from your Arc clothing donations or household goods donations go toward advocacy for the developmentally and intellectually disabled as well as their families. With you can get the information you need to schedule a free Arc donation pick-up.

Schedule an Arc Clothing Donation, Small Furniture Donation or Household Item Donation Pick Up

With, scheduling a pick up of your Arc clothing donations all over the United States has never been easier. You can schedule a free Arc donation pickup for the time and place that is most convenient. Visit the Donation Town donation pick up directory today! Your charitable Arc donations are needed!