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Donate Clothes and Household Items to a Local Charity

Did you know that there are dozens of charities that will actually send a truck to your home and pick up your used clothing donations and other household items donations? The Donation Town donation pick up service directory connects donors with charities all over the country that offer free donation pick up service. The charities in our directory accept clothing donations, furniture donations, toy donations, shoe donations, general household item donations, and MORE!

Check out our complete list of acceptable donations. Many of these charities will accept ALMOST ANYTHING! Clean out your closets and garage! Donate used clothing and other household items to a local charity!

Donating is FREE, Good for the Environment, and Tax-Deductible offers the best listing of charities that will come to your home and pick up your donations, for free. All of the non-profit charities on Donation Town offer an IRS tax deduction receipt whenever you donate. Donate to the charity of your choice!

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Your clothing donations and household goods donations support great charities both locally and nationwide. Take a look at all the charities that Donation Town and people like YOU are helping every day!

All Your Donation Pickup Questions Are Answered!

Donation Town was created because we know there are many donors across the United States and Canada who would like to donate their old clothing and furniture to a local charity. We wanted to create a resource for these generous donors, so they can make an informed donation.

Have you ever asked yourself: What charities offer donation pick up in my town? Where can I donate clothes and furniture? How do I schedule a donation pick up? Is my charitable donation tax deductible?

You have questions and Donation Town has the answers! Just surf around our website and you will learn everything you need to know to make a smart donation. Whenever you are ready, we will even help you schedule a donation pick-up.

Charitable Tax Deductions

Charitable Tax Reduction
  • Make a tax deductible donation of clothing, shoes, furniture or other household items.
  • Save money on your taxes by donating non-cash items to charity!
Click here to learn more about charitable tax deductions

Donating is Recycling

Donating is Recycling
  • Donate your used clothing and household items to charity
  • Keep it out of the landfills and help some deserving charities
Click here to learn more about how donating helps the environment

Get Organized!

Get Organized!
  • Clean out your closet or garage and make a donation today!
  • It will make a big difference to some deserving charities.
Click here to learn more about how to get organized by donating to charities